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In almost every case, strong trade show displays mean that you catch the eye of your attendees, interesting them in your product enough that they want to speak with you about it. When you're presenting at a technical convention, you have to provide more engaging information than normal. You can't use the same kind of marketing techniques that work well for a non-technical audience. Conference visitors are expecting more than just a sales pitch; they're expecting to be educated.

Make A Requirement For Learning Work In Your Favor

When people visit your booth, they are interested in more than just learning about your product. They want to hear something above and beyond the sales pitch. Both your staff selection and your trade show displays need to be designed with this in mind. Leave out too many interesting details, and you risk losing your audience. Hire a staff that knows nothing about your product, and you run a similar risk.

If you can design an extraordinary exhibit and have a knowledgeable staff, your visitors' thirst for knowledge works in your favor. Give them enough information to know that something is interesting to be discovered about your product. Give them specifications and ideas. When people come to a technical convention, they're naturally more interested in the products simply because they're not expecting an endless barrage of sales pitches. They will seek out your staff and speak with them about questions or perhaps even engage them in dialogue about the product. Make sure your staff is ready to respond with intelligent answers.

Design Trade Show Displays Carefully

Whether you have a small tabletop unit or large trade show displays, wise planning of the design features can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. You need to strike a delicate balance with the tone of your exhibit. On the one hand, it needs to have plenty of informative content that your technical visitors can enjoy and dissect. On the other hand, it shouldn't be completely devoid of marketing, and it shouldn't have poor design elements.

To appeal to a technical audience, many companies will use flyers. These flyers can be integrated into existing trade show displays or added to a tabletop exhibit with relatively little effort. They give you an advantage because they allow your visitors to browse information at their leisure in your booth or at home. Virtually every expert recommends using well-designed flyers liberally, no matter what audience you're facing.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Presentation, Especially With Smaller Table Top Displays

An appeal to a technical crowd should still respect the same design conventions that would hold true for any other occasion. Moreover, your business shouldn't feel that having a technical crowd justifies more crowding of text on the booth. Strategically bare space creates visual drama, which leads people who see your booth from afar to become visitors. That's true regardless of who your target market is, and what kind of event you're attending. If you keep your trade show displays well designed, your flyers and knowledgeable staff will shine. Your visitors will enjoy themselves and find your booth memorable indeed.